Reiki and Seichem Attunements

Reiki is a method of hands on healing introduced in the early 20th Century by Ushui. Reiki aligns with the earth and focuses on the physical body.

Kathleen Milner introduced Seichem Reiki which allows the practitioner to utilise three further elements as well as the original reiki which are Sophi-El (the water element linking to emotions), Sakara (the fire element burning blockages) and Angelic Light (the air element clearing mental issues).

There are three levels of atunement with Reiki and Seichem Reiki:


Level One

This is a basic introduction which will allow the pupil to utilise the healing energy of Reiki and use it on themselves, friends and family or animals.

Level Two

This focuses teaching the art of  distance healing, allowing the pupil to send energy further away, and to charge the energy field with symbols to make it more potent.

Level Three

This is where the pupil achieves Master status and can now atune others to Reiki healing. 


 Tibetan Energy and Stress Release

Tibetan Energy

A half day workshop designed to increase your energy and vitality using ancient Tibetan Energy practises.

Muscle testing (Kinesiology) is used to gain biofeedback to ascertain any blockages in your flow of energy.

Stress Release

A short half day workshop using kinesiology techniques to manage your stress.

These can be combined to form a one day workshop.



 The Template

Our world is made up of circuits of electro magnetic energy.  The new frontier of healing lies in the knowledge that these systems are not fully reconnected which is proven in the presence of thousands of millions of inactive base pair chemicals within the human DNA.

The Template seeks to use a series of ceremonies focussing on sound and the resonance of words to reconnect these circuits and allow the body to begin the process of healing itself and attaining its full capability.

Kinesiology muscle testing is used to show the weakness in your body due to this disconnected circuitry to start, and then to show the permanent reconnection after.

Lynne runs workshops for the first four out of the six ceremonies and is one of only six in Britain to do so.  She offers individual and group workshops and runs both separate and intensive weekend courses.

The Foundation Ceremony – Template of Original Innocence

This begins the process of healing by encouraging forgiveness, healing the ancestral line and stepping out of victimhood and into creatorship.  It allows us to begin to take back our power as human beings.

The Second Ceremony – The 13th Circuit

This prepares the pranic causeway aligned along the spinal column for the 3rd ceremony of sacred breath.  The introduction of sacred geometry, and its impact on our circuitry.

The Third Ceremony – Sacred Breath

This reconnects along with six other circuits, the lung circuit to begin to allow the absorption of prana (life energy) through mindful breathing.  In this workshop the geometric shapes from the second ceremony are transformed into a stellated form.

The Fourth Ceremony – Source

The fourth workshop explores the reconnection of circuitry which will allow you your own individual connection to source without the intervention of an intermediary.

Fifth and Sixth ceremonies are performed by Juliet and Jiva Carter.  For more information please go to 'The Template' website: