Reflexology is a natural form of healing using massage and pressure to minute reflex points in the feet.

These reflex points correspond to all the parts of the body and by working on them, a stimulating effect is created through the nervous system culminating in the brain.

It improves blood supply and nerve functions, relaxes the person and restores balance and equilibrium.  Reflexology has its roots in Ancient China and the Egyptians used this science in 2500BC. 



Kinesiology is a non-intrusive method of testing muscles to assess the functioning of various systems of the body.  It uses testing muscle response to gentle pressure to find imbalances which can be structural, bio-chemical, electrical or emotional.  

By stimulating blood and lymph flow, running meridians, giving specific nutritional support, using acupressure points, colour and sound energy imbalances are recified.

Kinesiology uses the 'whole person' approach and each person's treatment features exactly what their body needs for their capacity to heal to be stimulated.


 Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology)

Brain Gym is part of a comprehensive program called Educational Kinesiology and is a system of quick enjoyable activities that directly enhance brain function.

It is a simple and highly effective system of targeted activities that prepare your brain and entire nervous system for optimal performance in all areas, intellectual, creative, athletic and interpersonal.


Cyber Kinetics 

Developed by Alan Sales who specialised in the research of advanced kinesiology muscle testing techniques, winning awards for his contributions to the growth and development of kinesiology.

He founded the institute of Cyberkinetics, a leap in kinesiology practise, and the technique accesses the body's bio computer in a binary mode enabling information to be stacked and cleared easily using tuning forks, colour, light and vibrational remedies.


Make a Difference

A complete treatment program developed by Pauline Noakes which looks at enabling a total detoxification of the physical, emotional , mental and spiritual chakra systems.  Using flower remedies and medicinal grade nutritional support to supplement and stabilise the physical body and aid the detoxification process, while the sessions focus on clearing through a series of set protocols to clear the energetic systems.


Golden Re (Chakra Cleansing)

Chakras are vital conduits for the energy body.  If these conduits become blocked it can slow or stop the flow of energy between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Using Golden Re the chakra is pulled out into the aura, cleaned of negative energy and revitalised with solar energy, which improves the flow of energy around the systems and helps the client feel more energised.

Ter-Mai Reiki and Seichem

Reiki is an ancient healing system using the universal healing energy of the earth.  Seichem is the combination of Reiki and Sakara (fire energy), Sophi-El (water energy) and Angelic Light.

Both use a 'hands on' healing technique and energy work to clear the body of blockages and support the body to aid healing.




Avesa, meaning ‘ave’ (heart) and ‘sa’ (breath) is a healing technique which enables the person to begin to empower themselves.  Using breath, pyramid energy and Egyptian healing  this focuses on letting go of negative thought patterns and release tension and emotion while focussing on a specific positive intent (or intents) for the outcome of the session.

On-Site Massage 

On-Site massage is based on a Japanese system of acupressure massage which is over 1500 years old and works specifically on points on the neck, shoulders, arms and back.

It gently works on specific acupuncture meridians and unravelling tight or tension-knotted muscles in the back and shoulders.  

Fully clothed with no oils. 




Phytobiophysics is a revolutionary new science whereby the infinite energy of plants is used to harmonise and balance disturbances within the body, mind, emotion or spirit.

Phytobiophysics are used as VASERS (Vibrational Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) which have the capability to act as neurotransmitters which reach the genetic coding and correct the incorrect resonance caused by the pollutions of modern society.

They can be used to antidote the innumerable environmental toxins to which we are exposed, among these are amalgams in teeth, vaccines, infections, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, drugs, food additives, petrochemicals an cigarette smoke. 



Developed by respected osteopath Boyd Mackensie, it's a hands on technique which is used to restore functional balance in acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and problems.

Podo - Racidian 

Podo – Rhacidian Therapyis a gentle non – invasive mobilisation techinique which allows the body to re-adjust postural and structural misalignment without the use of manipulation or force. 

Sacred Space Clearing 

Cleansing and balancing the space in which you live and work using Golden Ré energy, aligning your environment to the sacred spiritual energy of the universe.  Using crystals and symbols psychic stress can be released.

If knowledge of geopathic stress lines is given then this can be used to release any heavy negative energy within the home.

Allergy Testing

Unlike traditional food allergy tests, Lynne uses muscle testing to detect food intolerance which can be causing bloating, or more serious chronic conditions such as IBS.  Using Kinesiology she is able to desensitize the body to these foods resulting in increased well-being.