About Lynne

After attaining a BA in Sociology and Psychology Lynne was a practicing mental health social worker for several years.  After seeing a significant gap in the level of support people received through the medical system, she became a practitioner in complementary therapies, determined to find ways of healing physical and psychological ailments while also helping clients to attain emotional well-being

Her seventeen years experience within the field has seen her treatment options expand and this has allowed her to offer a highly personalized client treatment plan designed around each person's specific needs and goals.

Her extensive training means she is constantly adapting her methods to ensure each session is at its most effective.

Lynne is also a qualified teacher of:

'Touch for Health' (foundation course in Kinesiology)

Tibetan Energy and Stress Release

Attunements for Reiki and Seichem

'The Template'

For more information about courses or workshops please see the Courses section or contact Lynne for dates and further information.